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Let’s bring alive all your visions together

Why Choose Us

At Crayo Tech, we toil incessantly hard to satisfy and delight all our clients at all times. In our endeavors to do so, we intertwine a range of unmatched business philosophies, technical proficiency and creative astuteness creating matchless service propositions for all businesses from all industry verticals. We never flinch away from taking the stormy and rugged trail to realize the expectation of then client even if it means harder work from our part. Customers are the epicenter of all our efforts and it will remain so, forevermore.

Proven Results

None of our endeavors have failed to satisfy and delight our clients. There is no doubt it is the laurels of the customers and their confidence that drives us assertively and buoyant towards the arrival of the future imminent.


Our expertise in a range of technologies, designs tools and latest software programs helps us create the sort of digital and technology solutions the client always needs.

Affordable Pricing

With the intent of supporting all the businesses from all sectors of business and industry, we have in place multiple, intelligent and affordable pricing policies.

Round' O Clock Support

Irrespective of the concern you may have with our services and products, exceptionally trained and experienced customer support line is in place for your support. Call us and get help anytime you need.


Quality is the corner stone of all our services and it is on that corner stone that everything else has been built by Crayo Tech for its clients. It has always been our tradition and it will remain so perpetually.


Our experience makes us the in the business and our experience is palpable through all the services that we deliver for clients. Every experience makes us better and we transfer our learning through our services to our clients.

Employee Hierarchy

We also have a clear and defined employee hierarchy that helps to improve the efficiency of the human resource across different branches and departments. This helps us ultimately elevate the user-experience.

Software Development Cycle

  • Client Meeting
  • Client Requirements
  • Analysis
  • Data Collection
Analysis Stage
  • Wireframe Layout
  • Proto Type Design
  • Design Sign-off
  • Client Review & Approval
Design & Development Stage
  • HTML Build
  • Layout Main Sections
  • Functionalities Development
  • Client Feedback
Completion Stage
  • Design Quality
  • Testing
  • Approval
  • Quality Assurance
  • Beta Version for the Site
  • Final Launch
  • Maintenance

Clients We've Worked With

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